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Plan of exhibition area FOR PASIV 2020



The set of the fairs FOR PASIV, FOR WOOD and FOR THERM trade fairs attracted an extraordinarily large number of visitors.


 Almost 26 000 people came to Prague to find current trends of the branche of Trade Fair for Low-energy, Passive and Zero-energy Buildings and Heating. The trio of fairs was complemented by the Roofs of Prague (STŘECHY PRAHA) event. The first day of the fair was opened by the Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček and the Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec.


On the first day of the event, the prizes of the Úsporný dům 2019 competition show were awarded, the detailed results of which can be found here.


TOP EXPO of FOR PASIV trade fair
(most impresive exposition of the fair FOR PASIV)



TOP EXPO of FOR WOOD trade fair
(most impresive exposition of the fair FOR WOOD)

ATRIUM;  Puidukoda


Extraordinary attention was enjoyed by the fair of fireplaces, stoves and boilers FOR THERM. Visitors who were interested in comprehensive information, news and trends in this field could see the expositions of almost thirty exhibitors.

More information about individual fairs, including catalogs of exhibitors, can be found on the portals:,,



FOR PASIV, FOR WOOD and FOR THERM 2020 in numbers:

Number of exhibitors: 178

Number of foreign exhibitors: 3

Number of states: 4

Total exhibition area (in m2): 9,600

Number of visitors: 25 412


Simultaneously held event Roofs Prague (Střechy Praha) :

Roofs Prague 2020 in numbers:

Number of participating companies: 169

Number of foreign exhibitors: 14

Countries represented: 8 (Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia)

Total occupied area: 8,000 m2

Announcement - activities of fraudulent firms!

Company ABF, a.s. dissociates itself from the practices of companies International Fair Trade, Expo Guide, MULPOR Company S.A., FAIR Guide, Construct Data, which offer the publication of company data in the internet catalog of trade fairs and exhibitors.


Although the offer for the publication of the data in the catalog is presented as free of charge, after completing and submitting the data, the client will receive an invoice for the payment of almost EUR 1200 per year.


Furthermore, ABF, a.s. declares that it has never granted the mentioned companies permission to use or promote the protected names or logos of trade fairs organized by ABF, a. s. and to address individual exhibitors on behalf of the organizer of the fair.

Plán výstaviště

Return to the traditional FOR WOOD trade fair!

The unique concurrence of FOR PASIV and FOR WOOD trade fairs will become a number one of its kind in the Czech Republic in 2019. Popular event will be held at PVA EXPO PRAGUE in hall n.2 that covers  4 000 square metres of gross exhbition area.  The number of exhibitors will increase and there will be a significant increase in the nomenclature, mainly in the field of heating.


Moreover, FOR PASIV trade fair is returning back to its long tradition, i.e. connection with the FOR WOOD trade fair, that replaces ALL ABOUT WOOD trade fair in 2019. The 12th edition of the FOR WOOD trade fair specialises in wooden structures and products that meet the demand not only of the exhibitiors, but also visitors!


FOR WOOD is focused on the use of timber in the construction industry. There will be introduced  technological innovations and modern materials that enables to design demanding wooden structures. The trade fair represents great opportunities for investors that want to personally meet individual businesses and learn the important information about specific products and technical innovations in wooden industry.


FOR WOOD 2019 and FOR PASIV 2019 are held during 7 – 9 February 2019 at PVA EXPO PRAGUE.



DATE: 6 - 8 February 2025


Address: Beranovych 667, 199 00, Prague 9 - Czech republic


3. 2. – 5. 2. 2025, 8.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m. (Monday - Wednesday)



8. 2. 2025, 17.00 p.m. NONSTOP till 9.2.2025, 10.00 a.m. (Saturday - Sunday)





NOTE: Please send the signed forms to the Foreign Trade Departmentr at or to the adsress of ABF, a.s.: Delnicka 12, 170 00, Prague 7, Czech Republic.



DATE: 6 - 8 February 2025


Address: Beranovych 667, 199 00, Prague 9 - Czech republic


3. 2. – 5. 2. 2025, 8.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m. (Monday - Wednesday)



8. 2. 2025, 17.00 p.m. NONSTOP till 9.2.2025, 10.00 a.m. (Saturday - Sunday)





NOTE: Please send the signed forms to the Foreign Trade Departmentr at or to the adsress of ABF, a.s.: Delnicka 12, 170 00, Prague 7, Czech Republic.


Plán výstaviště

The 4th Industrial Revolution at FOR ARCH 2018

How can you imagine the set of the fairs FOR PASIV and FOR WOOD? CHECK IT...


New things waiting for you within FOR ARCH 2017

This year’s edition of the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH, which is the largest event of this type in the Czech Republic, was extraordinarily successful again. Altogether 841 exhibitors presented their expositions there, 67 of them coming from abroad from 15 countries of the world, and the number of visitors thus exceeded the limit of 71,000 persons. This success would not have been possible without involvement of our long-term partners, and therefore we would like to express our thanks for the demonstrated support to the general partner of the trade fair, the ČEZ Group, to the car manufacturing company FORD for official cars of the trade fair, to the organisations and other institutions which provided their auspices for the event, as well as to all our professional and media partners. At the same time we would like to express our great thanks also to all visitors whose support is at the same time a great challenge for us in the future as well.

FOR ARCH 2017 to focus on the area of security technology

Nevertheless, the preparations for the next edition of the trade fair are underway already now. The International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH 2017 will take place from 19 to 23 September at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre in Prague-Letňany and will be focused on its new branch dealing with current trends and technologies in the field of security technology, systems of protection of buildings, security services, and last but not least also with the state-of-the-art information technologies and cybernetic protection. Dita Štěpánová has been entrusted with management of this branch. In terms of its content it will replace the FS Days (Prague Fire & Security Days) Trade Fair which has been organised as a part of the FOR ARCH Trade Fair for the last time this year.

Simultaneously held trade fairs will be merged under one brand

Large organisational changes are planned together with the new topic for the next edition of the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH as well. This means that the trade fair will not be divided anymore according to traditional branches into the simultaneously held trade fairs FOR STAV, FOR THERM, FOR WOOD and BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SPA, but on the other hand, it will be merged into one whole, which is to bear an umbrella name for all the existing topics. This decision will lead to the strengthening of the FOR ARCH brand on the one hand, and at the same time it will serve for the general public from the viewpoint of making the content of the event organised more transparent. All the accompanying materials will therefore be prepared for visitors in an individual graphic design, which may help, within the framework of the trade fair, to much easier orientation.

The two-day forum under preparation will present the latest building technologies and also their use

Already now you may look forward also to the brand-new two-day TECHNOLOGICAL FORUM, which is to arise in cooperation with the TZB-info portal. This will involve an informal meeting of professionals with representatives of state administration and self-government structures, whose aim is to help municipalities to use modern technologies for savings, development and effective maintenance and to intermediate contacts with technicians, designers and architects. In cooperation with the Ministry for Regional Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of the Environment, at first presentations will be made for various subsidy programmes for subsequent years and then this information will be followed up by leading manufacturers from the field of the building industry, use of water, electrical technologies, security and heating, who are to present the latest technologies and products together with their possible use to investors in short sessions.

Winners of the 2016 GRAND PRIX competition for the best exhibit

The GRAND PRIX competition for the best exhibit, which is organised by the ABF, a. s. company, has taken place at the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH 2016 this year as well. The competition was attended by altogether 41 registered products, and after the careful studying of the ground materials and on the basis of presentation of exhibits of the firms in the course of the first day of the trade fair the Jury granted five GRAND PRIX awards and six HONOURABLE MENTIONS without specifying any detailed order.


The criteria assessed during the process of evaluation of the exhibits included not only technical parameters and materials used, but also utilised progressive technologies, energy performance, environmental aspects of the exhibits, and last but not least also the extraordinary quality at an affordable price and application of the product on the market. An innovation of this year’s edition was categorisation of the products registered into the point assessment of quality, known as RABF (Rating by Architecture and Building Foundation), which serves as an objective reference system.


The GRAND PRIX 2016 awards were granted to the following firms:

Bosch Termotechnika, s.r.o. - Buderus Business Division, for the condensing boiler “Buderus Logamax plus GB192iT”. This is a new stationary boiler in a compact design whose front area is manufactured of hardened titanium glass. Its modular structure and easy access to components enable fast assembly as well as maintenance.

FRAJT, s.r.o., for the glass panel with ceramic digital print, a double vision effect representing a unique element with a wide range of use in all types of interiors and with good resistance to mechanical scratching.

INTERNORM-OKNO, s.r.o., for the I-tec ventilation representing a local, fully automated recuperation unit integrated into a window with the control of temperature and humidity suitable for flats and family houses.


NIBE ENERGY SYSTEMS for the heat pump “NIBE F2120” of the air-water type with a high value of the seasonal heating factor, high temperature and silent operation.

Saint-Gobain Construction Products CZ, a.s., Rigips Division, for Habito, a plasterboard panel with extreme strength for construction of the Interior walls and partitions. The board has a high load-bearing capacity and good acoustic characteristics.



The HONOURABLE MENTIONS were awarded to the following firms:

BERNDORF BÄDERBAU, s.r.o., for the massage whirlpool for a horse representing an extension of production of classical swimming pools and water attractions with rehabilitation equipment for horses, which also ensures the extension of their life and guarantees a life quality improvement.


Czech Technical University in Prague for the rolling fluid bladeless turbine which is useable for marginal parameters of the gradient and flow rate in the places where conventional turbines are not able to work in an effective manner.

ELEKTRODESIGN ventilátory, spol. s r.o., for ECOAIR Design Ecowatt - a small radial fan with a possibility of the setting up of a constant air flow rate, which automatically adapts power output according to the given installation conditions.


Hein & spol. - keramické závody, spol. s r.o., for the tile fireplace SOLID - a freestanding fireplace using wood as its fuel and equipped with an accumulation exchanger and a body made of glazed large-format tiles.


PIEDRA UNO, a.s., for the floating paving system PIEDRA which is formed of resistant plastic parts with the system of locks and surface of marble or stone carpet. It can be applied to any flat subbase firm area.



Schiedel, s.r.o., for Schiedel KombiGas - an integrated chimney system for ventilation of flue gas from various consumers using solid and gaseous fuels, with an air inlet and a shaft for vertical duct systems.


Results of the competition for the most impressive exposition - TOP EXPO 2016:

On the occasion of the FOR ARCH, FOR STAV, FOR THERM, FOR WOOD and BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SPA Trade Fairs, there was organised also a competition for the most impressive exposition known as TOP EXPO. In the competition, there were awarded altogether 7 most impressive expositions, which are at the same time also highly functional and meet the criteria for communication with the customer. All expositions of the trade fairs in categories up to 60 m2 and above 60 m2 were assessed.

Concerning the category up to 60 m2, the prizes were awarded to GOLDBECK Prefabeton s.r.o., PALIS Plzeň, spol. s r.o. and Krbystyle, s.r.o.

Concerning the category above 60 m2, the prizes were awarded to HELUZ cihlářský průmysl v.o.s., PRESBETON Nova, s.r.o. and ISOTRA a.s.

The Honourable Mention was awarded to TOP EXPO TWIN s.r.o.


The FOR ARCH 2016 Trade Fair is opening its gates just today!

The twenty-eighth edition of the largest International Building Trade Fair in the Czech Republic is opening its gates for visitors this afternoon. The FOR ARCH Trade Fair is held at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre and will last till Saturday, 24 September. More than eight hundred exhibitors from fifteen countries of the world will present there the latest trends from the field of the building industry on an exhibition area of almost 21,000 square metres.

Within the framework of the accompanying programme it is furthermore possible to attend specialised conferences with participation of leading personalities in the sector, important nation-wide architectonic competitions as well as a practical programme for entrepreneurs and the general public.  A great innovation compared to previous editions is given by various daily topics - quality of products, energy performance management, professional education, smart house concepts and self-built house constructions. Newly it will be possible to use also the independent BUILDING ADVISORY CENTRE where professionals will provide, free of charge, useful advice within the framework of the daily topics focused on the ways of how to manage various construction issues. In terms of additional topics, FOR ARCH will be complemented by the accompanying trade fairs FOR STAV, FOR THERM, FOR WOOD and BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SPA.


The FOR ARCH Trade Fair will start this afternoon by the largest CONFERENCE OF DIRECTORS OF DESIGN COMPANIES 2016 in the Czech Republic, where it is possible to listen to such speakers as Andrej Babiš, Minister of Finance; Karla Šlechtová, Minister for Regional Development; and Richard Brabec, Minister of the Environment. Another interesting part of the programme will be, in the subsequent days, for example the lecture entitled HEATING AND VENTILATION IN MODERN SAVING BUILDINGS, the conference FIRE SAFETY OF CONSTRUCTIONS and popular B2B business negotiations known as MATCHMAKING BUSINESS MEETINGS. Precious information will be provided to visitors by such conferences as HOW TO PURCHASE HOUSING and SELF-BUILT HOUSE CONSTRUCTION. For the first time it will be possible this year to use services of the CONSULTANCY CENTRE FOR WINDOWS AND SHADING TECHNOLOGIES which is to be open for the entire time of the event.

The most serious problem of wood as a building element is its relatively high combustibility

Directors of designing companies consider the relatively high combustibility of wood to be the most serious disadvantage of the building use of wood. On the other hand, the possibility of mould attacks causes the least concern. This conclusion implies from the analysis which was prepared by the analytical company “CEEC Research” for the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH.


The main disadvantage of the wood as a building element is its relatively high combustibility, according to directors of the designing companies. More than one half of them (53 per cent) shared this view in their answers. Concerning the remaining part of respondents, the most serious problems of the use of wood are, in their opinion, its limited lifetime (17 per cent of directors), humidity issues (16 per cent of directors) and pest attacks (13 per cent of directors). Only an absolute minimum (1 per cent) had concerns about increased occurrence of moulds as the main disadvantage. Major differences appeared in the answers of representatives of the companies dealing with preparation of engineering constructions. Higher combustibility compared to other materials is the main disadvantage of the building use of wood for two thirds of them (65 per cent), while less than one tenth had concerns about the limited lifetime (7 per cent).


On Tuesday, 20 September, the first of the daily topics of the Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH, which is to be held from 20 to 24 September at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre, will be prepared for those interested - namely the issues of quality of products and materials, including the rating figures. During the course of the event, the visitors will learn how attestations and certifications of products and materials are carried out, in what way building products are assessed, what is necessary to do for successful placement on the market of a product and how this important topic is resolved in legal regulations and European standards. Besides this, an independent BUILDING CONSULTANCY CENTRE (SPC) will be prepared for visitors in the ENTRANCE HALL II, where specialised experts are to answer various questions from the field of the building industry free of charge.




Lecture on wellness and SPA in Italian style and design

This year's conference will be a unique event as it will present the Italian style and design in the world of wellness and SPA. Come and see the HOTEL WELLNESS & SPA Conferenece which will be held within the BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SPA trade fair on 20-24 September 2016 in Prague. The event will present MARIO SANTINI, a remarkable Italian architect who has been engaged for many years in designing and construction of wellness centres. Mario Santini is an enthusiastic professional with passion for relaxation, namely saunas. He is the founder and president of the Italian Sauna Association. He actively takes part in sauna ceremonials as a sauna master, and this is not his first time in the Czech Republic – he is an avid participant of many events that are held here. Among sauna professionals and the enlightened public, he is popular due to his taking part in the top sauna contests, such as SaunaFest or Sauna Herbal Cup. Owing to his passion for wellness and saunas, he seeks to connect architecture with wellness, and it is on this topic that he is having his lecture within the conference. For more information (and for registration to the conference), visit

The FOR ARCH Trade Fair to introduce a comfort and environment-friendly digital household of the future

This year’s edition of the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH, which is to be held at the end of September in Prague-Letňany, has chosen, as one of the current topics, also the so-called “smart house” which is able, through its structure and technologies used, to ensure maximum comfort and energy-efficient environment for the people living there. A special ELEKTRO section will be reserved in the hall number 4 to the firms which are active in this sector. The general partner of the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH 2016 is the ČEZ group.


Friday, 23 September, will belong, in this year’s concept of various daily topics at the FOR ARCH Building Trade Fair, which is to be held on 20-24 September at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre, to the “Smart House” topic. A smart house ensures optimum and comfort environment for people living in such a house, in terms of its structure, used technologies and control systems. It is highly effective in terms of economy, energy consumption as well as from the viewpoint of impacts on its external environment and enables a multi-purpose use and reconfiguration. Its description often uses also such terms as “digital household”, “digital house” or “intelligent house”.


A properly prepared design is very important for implementation of a smart house. Its heart consists of a central system which helps, through modular infrastructure and individual active elements, to automate the operation of the entire household. Its control is very intuitive and it can be used for the control of e.g. air conditioning, shading, hot water preparation, irrigation, communication, distribution of TV and video signals, radio and music, telephones as well as the Internet. An important factor is the optimum and effective control of thermal technology and ventilation, thanks to which it achieves large energy savings. A matter-of-course is then connection of all illumination to the central system in such a way that it responds to your activities in a fully natural way. A smart house takes care also of household safety and provides you, at any time and anywhere, an overview of its current state, including alarms, fire sensors and camera systems. The system is also able to simulate living at absence, by using the pre-programmed activation of lights.


The visitors who are interested in this sector of the building industry should not miss the special ELEKTRO section in the hall no. 4, which has registered, in recent years, a growing interest in presentation of firms, especially from the fields of electrical installations, intelligent housing and lighting technology. It is traditionally attended by the LEGRAND company, the world leader in the area of electrotechnical installations and digital infrastructure offering almost 200,000 products from the field of illumination control, heating and data network administration, by the company HDL Automation s.r.o. supplying individual modules, as well as complete automation systems of buildings, and by ELKO EP, s.r.o., which is genuinely a Czech specialist focused on electronic modular instruments – relays, manufacturing more than 200 types of these products.


At present, ČEZ is not just a supplier of energies but also of comprehensive energy management solutions for households, which we are to introduce at the FOR ARCH Trade Fair in an entertaining way,” says Pavel Cyrani, Director of the Business Division of the ČEZ Group. “We have equipped a mobile household with them, and in September we will make a tour of Czech towns with this mobile household, and one of our stops will be just FOR ARCH.” The saving household of the future from ČEZ, which is to be presented at the trade fair, includes photovoltaic panels on the roof, together with batteries for the storage of electricity, modern gas boilers and white consumers, heat pumps for heating as well as air conditioning, in a combination with building materials of the 21st century, which are supplied by Saint-Gobain.

Ambrovit to present Ambrovit Terrace Screws

Exhibitor: Ambrovit S.p.A.

Stand: Hall 1

Sector: FOR WOOD


Our 04364 terrace screws stand out for a variety of characteristics. Their cylinder trim-head is meant to be sealed into the wood and ensures maximum grip and a perfect aesthetics. The inverted under-head thread pushes the wood particles down during drilling, guaranteeing a clean finish, while the trilobular thread is ideal for hardwood surfaces, providing three contact points instead of one. The special saw-toothed type 17 point accelerates the drilling and reduces the danger of splitting the wood. Soon also available with flat head (05364), the terrace screws don’t need pre drilling. Their stainless steel versions (04367 and 05367), however, do. The special 1000 Hr three-layered Nano coating ensures extremely high resistance against rust and weather damages.“type-17

FOR ARCH to support building trades and establishment of cooperation with foreign companies

One of the core topics of this year’s FOR ARCH Trade Fair, which is to be held at the end of September at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre, will be the support of vocational training. The final round of the competition presentation of building trades and crafts known as SUSO will take place within the framework of this approach as well. This event will be accompanied also by another edition of the popular bilateral business negotiations known as MATCHMAKING BUSINESS MEETINGS and by the conference of directors of European Craft Chambers. Already in a few days, on Thursday, 2 June, the conference CROSSROADS OF ARCHITECTURE will be held in the National Technical Museum in Prague focused on the topic “Cultural landscape: changes, creation, protection”.


The International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH is a project with an all-year-round impact aimed at support of the building industry as a whole. The top event of the season is the actual trade fair which is to be held also this year at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre on 20-24 September, and this year it will be for the first time when the concepts of various daily topics focused on important trends of the contemporaneous building industry is to be presented there.


One of these topics will be the support of vocational training this year, and within the framework of its popularisation also the final round of the competition presentation of building trades and crafts (SUSO) will take place. Since the arising of this competition in 1996, more than 4,500 selected apprentices accompanied by more than 1,700 teachers have taken part in the competition. Every year on average 80 schools present the art of their apprentices at this competition. The four-day final round of the competition will concern especially such branches as bricklayer, carpenter, stone cutter and stone sculptor, but at the same time the competition may include also such crafts as dry construction fitter, roofer, upholsterer and others who may present their skills there. Young apprentices must pass both theoretical and practical examinations within the framework of this Czechoslovak project. The participants will receive specific tasks for the practical part in the form of technical drawings from the Professional Jury immediately before the beginning of the examination.


Another very interesting event will be held on Thursday, 22 September, when the fourth edition of the popular bilateral business negotiations known as MATCHMAKING BUSINESS MEETINGS are to be organised. On this occasion, entrepreneurs active in the building industry will be able to find new contacts on the European market and to establish cooperation with foreign companies. The trade fair nomenclature will mostly concern design and building activities, tile setting and walling works, heating, chimney assemblies, surface protection, automation for the industry and households, as well as maintenance and modernisation of building structures, including renovation of monuments. Preparation of these popular B2B negotiations is ensured by ABF, a.s., together with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) at the Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic. Other details and the registration form can be found by the Applicants on the web site On the same day, also the Conference of Directors of the European Craft Chambers known as Saxon-Czech Craft Dialogue 2016 will be held as well.


Before the FOR ARCH Trade Fair opens its gates to visitors, those interested in the building industry and architecture may visit already the eighth edition of the conference entitled CROSSROADS OF ARCHITECTURE focused on the topic “Cultural landscape:changes_creation_protection”, which is to be held already on the 2nd June in the National Technical Museum in Prague. It will deal especially with development and protection of the cultural landscape, systems of residential greenery and urban landscape, it will analyse the issues of the drawing of subsidies for improvement of the quality of landscape and it will present several domestic as well as foreign case studies. The programme will include also the speech of Karla Šlechtová, Minister for Regional Development; Pavla Melková, Director of the “Urban Detail” section, IPR Prague; Klára Salzmann, Member of the Board of Directors of the Czech Chamber of Architects; Dan Jiránek from the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic, Leoš Anderle from the Sekyra Group specialised in development activities. As far as the discussion panel focused on subsidy programmes is concerned, participants may look forward to Pavel Sekáč, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, and Tomáš Sklenář, Director of the Land Planning Department of the Ministry of Regional Development.


Rich accompanying programme of FOR ARCH 2016

The 27th FOR ARCH International Building Trade Fair will take place on 20-24 September 2016 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition centre. For the first time in its history, it will present a different daily topic for each day of the event. Visitors will thus be able to learn about the issue of product and material quality, energy efficiency of buildings, ventilation systems, professional training in the construction sector, the “smart building” phenomenon and self-made construction work. Professionals at the CONSULTANCY CENTRE will give visitors expert advice according to the daily topic. Within its exposition, the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic will provide information on state-funded subsidies.

FOR WOOD to present high-quality wooden buildings and wood components

Current wooden buildings do not have anything in common with historical building systems based on wood, former cottages and log cabins or with constructions for emergency housing purposes anymore. Wooden buildings have made a great leap forward, from hand-made manufacture to manufacturing processes in modern plants and high-precision and fast assembly on the construction site.

From a dedicated survey it implies that customers who decide for wooden buildings appreciate especially the rapidity of construction works. Another essential benefit of wooden buildings is energy savings. The technologies which are currently used by companies in this sector make it possible to achieve low-energy or even passive standards. For this reason, there is no wonder that wooden buildings are perceived as a construction system of the future.

The FOR WOOD trade fair responds to the growing demand of the public for wood constructions and is focused on the use of wood in the building industry from the structure up to the roof. Every year it presents technological innovations and modern materials making it possible to propose demanding structures and structural elements of wooden buildings.

FOR WOOD is held in PVA EXPO PRAGUE, the largest exhibition centre in the Czech capital, as part of the FOR ARCH trade fair, the single most important and most attended fair of building industry in the Czech Republic. The event is a well-established meeting point of professionals from the field of buildings and constructions. Due to its location in Prague, an important centre of Central-European business, FOR ARCH and FOR WOOD offer a unique opportunity for both domestic and foreign exhibitors to present their services and products within an international competition.


Showcased products:

wooden constructions | wooden family houses | timber structures | materials used in wooden constructions | foundation and jacketing for wooden constructions | wood processing solutions | by-products of wood processing  



Total statistics: the 2015 FOR ARCH series

Number of exhibitors: 830
Net exhibition area (in sqm): 20,062
Gross exhibition area (in sqm): 39,158
Number of visitors: 74,152
Number of accredited journalists: 172

For Exhibitors - FOR THERM

DATE: 6–8 February 2025


Address: Beranovych 667, 199 00, Prague 9 - Czech republic


3.– 5. 2. 2025, 8.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m. (Monday - Wednesday)



8. 2. 2025, 5.00 p.m. NONSTOP till 9. 2. 2025, 10.00 a.m. (Saturday - Sunday)





NOTE: Please send the signed forms to the Foreign Trade Departmentr at or to the adsress of ABF, a.s.: Delnicka 12, 170 00, Prague 7, Czech Republic.

B2B meetings at FOR ARCH will open the European construction market to Czech companies

The FOR ARCH international building trade fair is taken to a new level this year. Besides exhibition area, on which companies can primarily address end customers, FOR ARCH now offers participation in events that enable construction companies to expand their business to the Czech Republic as well as abroad. This year, Matchmaking Business Meetings (MBM) and the third edition of Matchmaking FOR ARCH will connect accredited attendants with both Czech and foreign exhibitors through a set of organized meetings. FOR ARCH, the largest trade fair of the building industry which takes place on Sept 15-19, 2015, offers this opportunity to Czech exporters for free.